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Retqa Delivery Service


Retqa Delivery Service

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This is the truth that some customers are requesting to manufacture and supply of their products before they make sure of the requirements or readiness to receive the products, therefore we recommend the followings to our customers:

1- Make Sure the need for such an order based on “ Quantity & Quality” in coordination with the production or procurement supervisor.

2- Make sure that appropriate amount of storage space is available for the required quantity in coordination with the store supervisor / keeper.

3- To confirm with the Store Supervisor / Store Keeper to receive the order when they receive a call from our delivery supervisor or his representative.

4- To ensure that authorized person for receiving goods should be present either at house / in store on the day and the timing of delivery agreed with you.

5- The Factory is committed to deliver the complete quantity to the customer store either in ground Floor or to the floors, where the vehicles easily can be accessed.

6- The Factory’s Delivery staff are not liable to arrange the Customer’s Store or to unload the goods to the upper floors or basements.

7- Make sure to empty the corridors for loading & unloading the goods at your premises.

8- Any Changes in the delivery date / Schedule by the customers, it is compulsory to notify us before 48 hours from the date of delivery and the factory has the right to schedule the earliest date for delivery depending on the possibilities & priorities available as per delivery schedule.

9- The factory is not responsible for any defects found in goods because of violation of goods policy and above recommendations.

10- If there is any problem in quality or quantity, kindly return the order and do not sign it and contact your concerned sales representative or customer service supervisor to notify them either of the following means:

Customer Service: +965-97226661
Telephone: 24829990/ 24829991/ 24829993/ 24829994
Social Media: facebook / instagram / twitter